3D Archery Report for June 4th 2017

For the June archery shoot we had 33 shooters; not bad considering threat of weather and graduation weekend for many local schools. We did have a couple guys from Battle Creek for their first time and enjoyed the course and husband/wife from Lansing.

Winners are:

Men’s Freestyle:
1st-Clayton Denney 274,
2nd-Brad Gentry 258/Duane Turner 258,
3rd-Bronson Clayton 239

Women’s Freestyle:
1st-Dawn Turner 258Jr. Freestyle:
1st-David Clore 204,
2nd-Bronson Clayton, Jr. 182,
3rd-Cherrish Clore167

Men’s Open:
1st-Max McFeters 263,
2nd-Doug Holmes 247,
3rd-Alan Horsford 200

Men’s Recurve:
1st-David Drenth 201

1st-Trevor Lantis 202,
2nd-Landon Conley 109

We had a clean up brush and debris on the entire course June 10 & 11 which made a huge impact on the appearance. We still have chipping to do, but overall a lot was accomplished. Thanks to all who assisted. I know we had 2 or 3 complete their probationary hours. If I missed your name, please let me know: Bronson Clayton, Donnie Minock, Mark Hanson, Jerry Kozak (nice work on the T-shirts, Jerry), Evan Kowalski, David Drenth, Aaron Burke, David Breakage, John Hoeft, Tim Tallmadge & tractor, Steve Cebulski, Steve Kiss, Brad Mahalk, Kurt Heumann & myself. Thanks, again!

We also have NEW targets that were just approved by the board and membership! Targets will be available for the IAA shoot July 22 & 23 and hopefully for the July 2 shoot as well. Please come out and enjoy the course. It is changed monthly and we do try and make it a challenge We do serve breakfast and lunch if you do come to shoot…or just come to eat! Exciting times!

Archery Report – May 7, 2017

We had a great day for our 3-D shoot on May 7. We had 52 shooters total; 14 of which were youth. One couple came with a stroller to enjoy the course with their child! That’s love!

Scores are as follows:
Men’s Open:
1) Dale Becker – 229

Men’s Freestyle:
1) Corey Burns – 288
2) Bronson Clayton – 275
3) Chris Bazick 267

Women’s Freestyle:
1) Taylor Weston – 224
2) Lana Clayton – 192
3) Jane Folske – 157

Men’s Recurve:
1) Bruce Folske – 157
2) David Drenth 141

Jr. Freestyle:
1) Luke Ladd – 263
2) Adriana Clayton – 199
3) Bronson Clatyon, Jr – 190

Cub Freestyle:
1) William Hayward – 216
2) Mikayla Becker – 146
3) Trevor Lantis 145

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the program!

Our next shoot is June 4. Sign up is 8a-2p. Rangefinder are permissible, however, will not be eligible to win an award. We do change the course for every shoot to make it a challenge…including setting it up! There is also breakfast and lunch available so it’s ok to come hungry.

There is an IAA shoot scheduled for July 22 & 23. We will need some assistance with this shoot as we anticipate upwards of 250 shooters given reported numbers from other shoots that have already taken place this year. We will be scheduling a work day hopefully in June to clean up some blow downs after the brutal winds and trim the access lanes in the event we need to get emergency vehicles back into the course.

Archery Report – April 2nd, 2017

We had a good turnout, 44 shooters for a great spring day shoot. We are going to be adding new targets and adjusting the course for the next shoot which is May 7th. We also will be adding another shoot this year. We will be hosting a IAA Sponsored shoot at Chelsea in July [22-23]. This is a family oriented 3-D shoot with 30 targets set up for every range of a 3-D shooters abilities. We will follow up with more information later. So come on out and help Chelsea Rod & Gun 3-D become back to being the best 3-D course in the area[!]
Results of the April Shoot:
Mens Open  (4)
1) Tom Dembinski         248
2) Todd Sherrard           247
3) Jason Hackbarth       207
Mens Freestyle  (15)
1) Scott Purks                273
2) Bronson Clayton Sr   270
3) Donnie Minock          260
Womens Open  (5)
1) Makiah Heuber       261
2) Taylor Weston        203
3) Margaret Minock    178
Jr Freestyle   (7)
1) Noah Purks          272
2) John Huizar          265
3) David Clore          225
Cub Freestyle  (3)
1) Gabe  ????         143
Mens Recurve    (9)
1) Mike Woods         214
2) Dick Fuch             205
3) Rick Wittstock      190 
Crossbow   (1)
Tim Eisman              0
–  By Len Ellsworth

Archery Report September 25th, 2016

By Len Ellsworth

We had a decent turnout for the last shoot of the year. 33 shooters, 4 ladies, 2 Jrs, and 3 cubs. It’s real nice to see the kids out here shooting. They are so excited and were real disappointed that this was the last shoot. Everyone liked the course set-up the last two shoots. It cuts out the time from 2 1/2 hrs to about 2hrs. It made it easier for the kids to make it around plus a couple of the older gentlemen we had. We have one grandmother who has brought her grandson to the last few shoots who doesn’t shoot just walks with her Jr. Class grandson so he can shoot. I would like to sincerely thank the members who have given their time and support throughout my time as the Archery Chairman. You have made it a lot of fun and without you we couldn’t have made it the success that it is. We might not have the numbers of yesteryears but those participants who are here really appreciate what we have done. The numbers are not there but we still are having better numbers than the other Clubs in the area. Thanks again.

The winners for the classes for this shoot are;


As you can see the Clayton Family all shot very well this shoot. Good to see a member bring his family out and enjoy the course.

Archery Report September 11th, 2016

By Len Ellsworth

We had 37 contestants at the shoot on Sunday, 9/11/16. Everyone whom I talked to loved the course. We changed it again this month from last. We were able to use all of the platforms at this shoot and because just about everyone uses a tree stand now, they got some good practice. We had 4 women freestyle shooters, 4 Jr. contestants, and 4 Cub contestants which was great to see. We let the Cub shooters shoot for free, 10 and under. We also had a novelty shoot his month with a shot at a 3 1/2” circle on a White Goat target at 98 yards. We had 10 participants in that contest. The winner of that contest was Max McFeters, who was 2 ¼” from the center of the circle. The next shoot will be on Sept. 25th and will be the last one of the year. Everyone who bow hunts should come on out and make sure they are ready for the 1st of October. You can bring your rangefinders if you are so inclined. You do not have to shoot from the stakes your “class” is supposed to shoot from unless you are using a crossbow. You don’t even have to keep score if you don’t want to, just come on out and shoot the best course in the area. I would like to thank Ron Mast, Nathan Sova, Bruce Sullins, and of course Mike Boyer for making this shoot run as smooth as it did. Mike will not be able to attend the next shoot so Gary Moore has volunteered to take over his duties in the kitchen.

Results of the shoot;

Men’s Freestyle
1)     Ken Mallory287
2)     Jeff Adams275
3)     Jordan Lusk267
Jr. Freestyle
1)     Johnathan Huzbar235
2)     Adrianna Clayton217
3)     Bronson Clayton Jr190
Men’s Open
1)     Vince Ford257
2)     Kent Marshall144
Women’s Freestyle
1) Lana Clayton241
2) Michelle Burt165
3) Denise Glassburen148
Cub Freestyle
1) Violet Sargus110
2) Brody Burt63

August 2016 3D Archery Report

The August shoot went real well. We had 45 participants. Mike was back from vacation so the kitchen ran like a clock. We had moved all of the targets for this shoot and it seemed everyone who shot it really liked the course. Some of them even got moved 2 times and 1 was moved 3 times.

We had 31 participants in the Freestyle (Hunter) class, 24 men, 2 women, 2 Jr. and 3 Cubs. There were 11 shooters in the Open, all men and 3 recurve shooters, and 1 crossbow. We have changed the classifications for each group. The freestyle or Hunter group is for all shooters who have any sight that isn’t classified a Target Sight in Lancaster’s Archery catalog. In other words if you are shooting for instance an HHA moveable sight you are able to shoot in the Hunter Class if you choose to do so. Crossbow is allowed if it shoots under 325fps and you have to shoot from the blue stakes. What happens to the targets is if the arrow penetrates through the other side than when it comes out it knocks chunks out of the opposite side. We are thinking about a major change in the course for the last two shoots if it is possible. If we do make this change, we will need some help from some of our members who would like to help. What we have done is divide the targets into groups. 1-10, 11-20, and 21-30. It is hard getting everyone out on the same night so there are 2 people in each group to set up the targets.

The top finishers in the groups are:

Freestyle Men

1)Brian Darrow292
2)Mike Day272
3)Travis Janick264

Open Men

1)Bob Tucker280
2)Brandon Fredrick267
3)Todd Sherrod227

Freestyle Cub

1)Trevor Lantis164
2)Jack Kargel135
3)Spencer Shankland25

Freestyle Jr

1)John Hurzar258
2)Cameron Darrow246

Mens Recurve

1)Mike Woods185
2)Dan Hovater111

Freestyle Women

1)Ashley Drake243


1)Jerry Steine272

I would like to thank everyone who helped put this shoot on. Ron Mast, Nathan Sova, Don Minock, Greg Povenski, Bruce Sullins, Dan Hovater, and our now departed Brother Breck Stringer.

July 2016 Archery Report

Archery report for July – by Len Ellsworth.

Well gentlemen, we had a perfect day for the shoot. We had 19 shooters show up. One member, Don Minock came to shoot and also has volunteered to help us out for the rest of the year. Don is a probationary member who enjoys shooting his bow and seems as though he will be a great help to the Archery here at the CR&G. The bad news is that Breck is moving back to his roots in Mississippi. This was probably his last shoot he will be attending even though I tried to talk him into staying a couple more days he is planning on leaving on August 5th which is two days before the August shoot. I personally want to thank Breck for all of the help he has given me and the Archery committee. You made it a lot easier to get this thing back up and running. Don has volunteered to help Greg with targets 21-30 for the rest of the year.

To the shoot results;

Mens Freestyle                      

  1. Todd Martin        269
  2. Mike Day             262
  3. Jason Lantis      246          

Mens Open

  1. Brandon Fredrick   247
  2. Kent Marshall         175
  3. Ed Miller                  246

Freestyle Women                    

  1. Ashley Drake        241

Freestyle Cub

  1. Trevor Lantis        188


  1. Frank Thornhill        195
  2. Mike Woods             188

The next shoot will be on Aug. 7th. We will again change the course for those of you who came to this shoot so it won’t be the same course. If there are any CR&G members who would be interested in getting involved with the Archery please get with me and we can work this out. If you haven’t shot the course in awhile come see the course. You won’t find a better set-up anywhere around the area and the guys helping are top notch with all of the time they put in to make this what it is.

June 2016 Archery Shoot

We only had 13 shooters for the shoot in June. The first shoot in April we had 4′ of snow. The shoot in may it rained, and the June shoot the threat of rain was all day. July will be better. At least we had 3 Club members participate. Best all year! Remember to hand out flyers and post wherever you think some shooters might read about us.


OPEN MENS                                                        RECURVE

1) Todd Sherrard            241                                1)  Evan Kowalski  41
2) Kent Marshall             198


MENS FREESTYLE                                            ATLATL

1) Ron Doster                  259                                1) Dan Hovater  38

2) Kim Sherrad                237

3) Rob Hendricks            219


There is a young man who is working on becoming an Eagle Scout. His name is Bobby Denny. he would like to help out on the bow course and as of right now he is drawing up plans for replacing the bridge. He has to submit plans on what he plans on doing and how. He will have to acquire all funding and labor. After he submits them to me I will take them to the Chelsea R&G board to approve. We also have discussed him building some sort of a “running deer” target along with another practice range possibly behind the Youth building so we would be able to start the course from the opposite end at times.


I met him over at the Clubhouse today to measure and take pictures of the bridge and I tried to show him the course. I hate to say this but since the last shoot the course has fell into disrepair. Trees are down and a lot of limbs have to be picked up and or trimmed. I know a couple of you are going to be on vacation the first two weeks of July but the rest of us are going to have to step it up. We will not be using the field for the rest of the year, except possibly the last shoot of September, so the five targets located there will have to be relocated. There is a large tree down between targets #22 and #23 that will have to be removed. Breck and Greg, Target #20 will end up in the same place as it is right now but it won’t be going down the trail, it will be down the hill. I can be there just about anytime if someone wants to get with me to have a work bee. Chainsaw, pole saw, pruners, post hole digger, shovel, and drill will be needed. I will have to check the Club calendar to see what is going on as far as activities that would jeopardize our working the course.

Some members from Jackson County Outdoor Club attended our shoot in June and I for one am planning on attending their upcoming shoot this Sunday, June 26th so if anyone would like to attend, let me know.

Have a great 4th and be safe, Len Ellsworth

3D Archery Shoot Results / Report – May 1st, 2016

  • By Len Ellsworth

We had a good turnout for the May shoot. It was raining a bit while it started, but we still had 24 participants. I would like to thank everyone who helped and a special thanks to the probationary member – you know who you are – that celebrated his last night of freedom on Saturday and still made it out to help Mike in the kitchen. For this shoot we had 3 gift certificates from Schupbach’s in Jackson to give away for the contestants who turned their scores in. The winners were Brandon Fredrick, Mike Woods, and Mikayla Becker. They can pick up their certificates at the next shoot which is June 4th.

There is some confusion between some of our members about the course set-up. We do not do it on Saturdays anymore unless we absolutely have to. It is hard enough for some of our members to get the one day off a month to come to the shoots to help and to make it two days, not going to happen. We are trying to change the course up a little each month to keep it fresh for the participants. We would like to see a little more participation from our members at the shoots. We only had one member shoot at this shoot and that member was me. We are setting up the course for the hunters in our Club. The shots are 20-32 yards. For the hunter class. For those of you who like the more challenging distances we have targets from 20-55 yards, and for the recurve/longbow shooters they are 10- 25 yards. Come on out and see what we have done with the course.

The Winners for each class are:

Men’s Open Class
1) Dale Becker254
2) Brandon Fredrick245
3) Kent Marshall161


Men’s Freestyle Class
1) Carl Connin258
2) Doug Holmes228


Men’s Recurve Class
1) Mike Woods177


Women’s Recurve Class
1) Mikayla Becker45


Women’s Freestyle Class
1) Ashley Drake213