June 2016 Archery Shoot

We only had 13 shooters for the shoot in June. The first shoot in April we had 4′ of snow. The shoot in may it rained, and the June shoot the threat of rain was all day. July will be better. At least we had 3 Club members participate. Best all year! Remember to hand out flyers and post wherever you think some shooters might read about us.


OPEN MENS                                                        RECURVE

1) Todd Sherrard            241                                1)  Evan Kowalski  41
2) Kent Marshall             198


MENS FREESTYLE                                            ATLATL

1) Ron Doster                  259                                1) Dan Hovater  38

2) Kim Sherrad                237

3) Rob Hendricks            219


There is a young man who is working on becoming an Eagle Scout. His name is Bobby Denny. he would like to help out on the bow course and as of right now he is drawing up plans for replacing the bridge. He has to submit plans on what he plans on doing and how. He will have to acquire all funding and labor. After he submits them to me I will take them to the Chelsea R&G board to approve. We also have discussed him building some sort of a “running deer” target along with another practice range possibly behind the Youth building so we would be able to start the course from the opposite end at times.


I met him over at the Clubhouse today to measure and take pictures of the bridge and I tried to show him the course. I hate to say this but since the last shoot the course has fell into disrepair. Trees are down and a lot of limbs have to be picked up and or trimmed. I know a couple of you are going to be on vacation the first two weeks of July but the rest of us are going to have to step it up. We will not be using the field for the rest of the year, except possibly the last shoot of September, so the five targets located there will have to be relocated. There is a large tree down between targets #22 and #23 that will have to be removed. Breck and Greg, Target #20 will end up in the same place as it is right now but it won’t be going down the trail, it will be down the hill. I can be there just about anytime if someone wants to get with me to have a work bee. Chainsaw, pole saw, pruners, post hole digger, shovel, and drill will be needed. I will have to check the Club calendar to see what is going on as far as activities that would jeopardize our working the course.

Some members from Jackson County Outdoor Club attended our shoot in June and I for one am planning on attending their upcoming shoot this Sunday, June 26th so if anyone would like to attend, let me know.

Have a great 4th and be safe, Len Ellsworth

3D Archery Shoot Results / Report – May 1st, 2016

  • By Len Ellsworth

We had a good turnout for the May shoot. It was raining a bit while it started, but we still had 24 participants. I would like to thank everyone who helped and a special thanks to the probationary member – you know who you are – that celebrated his last night of freedom on Saturday and still made it out to help Mike in the kitchen. For this shoot we had 3 gift certificates from Schupbach’s in Jackson to give away for the contestants who turned their scores in. The winners were Brandon Fredrick, Mike Woods, and Mikayla Becker. They can pick up their certificates at the next shoot which is June 4th.

There is some confusion between some of our members about the course set-up. We do not do it on Saturdays anymore unless we absolutely have to. It is hard enough for some of our members to get the one day off a month to come to the shoots to help and to make it two days, not going to happen. We are trying to change the course up a little each month to keep it fresh for the participants. We would like to see a little more participation from our members at the shoots. We only had one member shoot at this shoot and that member was me. We are setting up the course for the hunters in our Club. The shots are 20-32 yards. For the hunter class. For those of you who like the more challenging distances we have targets from 20-55 yards, and for the recurve/longbow shooters they are 10- 25 yards. Come on out and see what we have done with the course.

The Winners for each class are:

Men’s Open Class
1) Dale Becker254
2) Brandon Fredrick245
3) Kent Marshall161


Men’s Freestyle Class
1) Carl Connin258
2) Doug Holmes228


Men’s Recurve Class
1) Mike Woods177


Women’s Recurve Class
1) Mikayla Becker45


Women’s Freestyle Class
1) Ashley Drake213

3D Archery Report – April 3rd, 2016

We had 23 shooters turn out for the first shoot of the year for 2016, despite it being colder than usual with a couple inches of fresh snow. Everyone like the course, and as an added bonus for us the Flintknappers held their annual show at the Club at the same time.

The top finishers in the shoot for April were:

Freestyle Mens:

1)Mike Day252
2)Shawn Ladd232
3)Shawn Howard191


Freestyle Junior:

1)Ryan Valik250
2)Luke Ladd238
3)Tyler Valik235


Freestyle Cub:

1)William Howard216



1)Brady Murphy119


Our next shoot will be held on May 1st. We start at 8:00 am and the last group is out at 2:00 pm. Come on out and shoot, support the Chelsea Rod and Gun Club, and get some bragging rights among your friends, and of course have fun! We have 5 new targets out there: Raccoon, Fox & Badger, and the course is set up for all different styles and experience. We will also be having a drawing next month for all shooters who turn in their scores, for gift certificates from Schupbach’s Sporting Goods in Jackson.

St. Patrick’s Day Scholarship Dinner – March 12th

We invite you to please come out and join us for our annual Chelsea Rod and Gun Club St. Patrick’s Day Scholarship Dinner! Enjoy a traditional meal of Corned Beef & Cabbage, Potatoes, Carrots, and lots of other dishes. This event annually raises funds so that we can provide at least three $500.00 scholarships to High school Seniors at Chelsea schools (applications are available to Chelsea HS Seniors through the Chelsea Education Foundation). The last few years we have been able to exceed that amount. Last year we were able to give out four $750.00 scholarships! Our goal this year is to do at least as much or more with your support. The dinner starts at 5:00 pm on Saturday at our clubhouse.

Click Here  for directions to our clubhouse.

Thank you and hope to see you there!

Sept 27th 2015 3D Archery Shoot Report / Results

We had 39 participants in the final Archery Shoot for 2015. Everyone liked the course and really seemed to like the new small targets that we purchased including a fox, badger, wolverine, bobcat, and a raccoon. We had a Archery get together on Oct. 11th ad we cleaned out the barn, built some racks to stack targets, and picked up all of the targets from the course. We sorted out the targets from the good, need repair, and cannot be used. The cannot be used will be brought to a membership meeting in the future to be ‘auctioned” off to our members. They are McKenzie targets and most of it consists of heads and non repairable body parts. More on these at a later date. We, the Archery Committee, would like to put this out now so everyone has time to think about it over the winter. We would like to get more participants from our members who are interested in Archery. We have a good core of members who are all willing to help whenever they can but it would be great to get some new ideas to setting up and maintaining the course. As most of you know we have the best course and grounds in the area and we are trying to make it different and challenging each month when we have a shoot. The next shoot will not be until April of 2016 so we have a lot of time to think about it. I know that there are a lot of Archers in the Club who are out there in the woods bow hunting right now so let’s hear from you so you can help us make the 2016 3-D course better than ever. Good luck hunting and be safe.

Results from the Sept. 27th shoot:

Freestyle Men’s  
1)   Jacob Zenz            272
2)  Nathan Sova         251
3)  Jim Wright            250

Freestyle Women’s
1)   Pam Prain          190

Men’s Open 
1)   Kent Marshall     229

Men’s Recurve/longbow
1)   Lance DeVooght      223
2)  Jim Clagg                   208
3)  Ben Hammond         165

  • Len Ellsworth

September 6th 2015 3D Archery Shoot Report / Results

We had a pretty good turnout considering that the shoot was over the [Labor] Day weekend. There were 21 shooters that came out to test their skills on our course. Everyone liked shooting the new targets we purchased from Scuhbachs in Jackson in time for this shoot. The next shoot will be on Sept.27th, just in time to get your practice in before opening day of the bow season.
The class winners were:

Men’s  Freestyle:
1) Jamie Powers       241
2) Tom Dembinski    228
3) Nick Aldrich          223

Women’s Freestyle:
1) Megan Dembinski   194

Jr. Freestyle:
1)  Griffin Murphy     206
2)  Parker Murphy    200
3)  April Dembinski  138

Men’s Open:
1) Barry Stapleton   257
2) Craig Ludwik       256
3) Larry Brian          245

– Len Ellsworth

August 2015 3D Archery Report / Results

Here is a short note letting you know about the August Archery Shoot

We had 18 participant s this month. We had 12 shooters in the Hunter Class which seems to be the bigger class for us. We have changed the class as far as sights go. If you hunt with a single pin, HHA, Tru-glo, etc than you can shoot in the Hunter class. In the Hunter class the distances will be from 12 yrds. – 32 yrds with most being somewhere in between. Shooting the 3-D course is a great way to learn how to judge distances. Come on out, judge the distance, shoot the target, and than check it with a rangefinder if you choose. Or you can bring your rangefinder and check distances before you shoot if you wish. If you decide to do that, than please don’t turn your score in for the daily competition but turn it in for the prizes we give out from some of our Sponsors. We are changing the course each shoot and trying to make it fun and challenging at the same time. We had three probationary members show up to help which was great to see. Ron Gaw, Mark Belcher and Corey Faupel came and sure made it easier to run the shoot.

We will be having a Hunting swap meet at the next shoot, Sept. 6th. Anyone wanting to sell/swap something hunting related bring it to the shoot (along with your bow) and have it priced along with your name and phone number on it and we will try and sell it for you. We will not negotiate prices. That is why if you aren’t there they can call you if interested. I don’t think pistols should be there so if you have one either take a picture of it and/or have a description of it and we will have a board we will post it on. That also is for bigger items such as a boat, tent, reloading items, anything that is either to big or to much trouble to bring in the building.

Results from the shoot are;

1) Dave Eddings 269
2) Mike Day 243
3) Rob Hendricks 248

1) Joey Brian 275
2) Larry Brian 248
3) Barry Stapelton 228

1) Tim Eisman 121
(It should be noted that Tim only shot the first 15 targets)

We had three gift certificates donated by Scubachs that we gave out in a drawing from everyone who turned their scores in after the shoot. The winners were;

1) Rob Hendricks
2) Larry Brian
3) Barry Stapleton

They will be able to pick up their certificates at the next shoot.

We had three members shoot in August. Tim Eisman, Art Guzowski, and Breck Stringer. Thanks for the support. Lets see some more of the members out for the shoots.

– Len Ellsworth

June 2015 Archery Shoot Results

1st) Joey Brian 267
2nd) Larry Brian 258
3rd) Dale Becker 249
1st) Kevin Albight 276
2nd) Carl Connin 268
3rd) Rob Hendricks 257
1st) Ron Cyphers 235
2nd) Robert Speiss 207
3rd) Rob Rayer 205

We had a good turnout for the June Shoot. We had 32 shooters. Some were new to the Club shoots, others were regulars. it seems that we are not getting the word out that the shoots are happening again. Several shooters just found out that we are having shoots again. Breck Stringer is going to make up a couple more new rules boards and print a few more flyers for us and hopefully we will get some more advertisements out there. We are going to try and advertise in some of the local papers along with some of the monthly, Outdoor News, Woods and Water, etc. We did not have anyone from the Club participate in the shoot for June. Usually we take turns going out and shooting but we really didn’t have enough help during the shoot to be able to do this. I would like to thank those who helped during the shoot along with everyone who set up the course. Of course Mike Boyer and his right hand man Larry Collins for running the kitchen and making great food available for the participants is a great plus. I think that the shoots will start having more participants as the word spreads. The course will be different again for the July Shoot as we are trying to make it different each month. Everyone complimented that the course was great, some even said that Chelsea has the best course around. Come on out and enjoy this, if you have to come alone than we will find someone for you to shoot with. I had an email asking about the course from a local family from Chelsea asking about the course. He thought that the course would be to hard for his son. I assured him that it is not. We try and make this course set up for everyone from 5 to 80 years old. Competitive for those who want and just fun for those of us who are just honing their skills. Hope to see you at the next shoot on JULY 19th.

– Len Ellsworth

May 2015 Archery Shoot results

The winners for the May 3rd shoot are:

Men’s Open:
1st – Dale Becket – 223

Men’s freestyle:
1st – Brad Mahalak – 268
2nd – Nick Benidict – 246
3rd – Kyle Tillotson – 234

1st – Mikayla Becker – 86

Total shooters: 15

l would like to thank all that helped out with the 1st shoot of the year. Mike Boyer and Ron Mast were there all day. Breck Stringer, Bruce Sullins, Ron, and probie Nathan Sova all put in a lot of time helping set up the course. Dave Tihonen, Mike Woods, Mike Hakale, Breck, Ron, and Nathan all helped Mike Boyer out in the kitchen to make it a success.

Next month the targets will mostly stay the same, we will just adjust the yardage and angle of the shot. We have six volunteers to help set-up the course. They are Bruce Sullins and Tom Nienhaus for targets 1-10, Larry Collins and Mike Hakale for 11-20, and Breck Stringer and Nathan Sova for 21-30. Thank you for volunteering.

We were lucky to have the Flintknappers Weekend at the Club during this shoot. I have been at the shoots before when this was going on but I would just kind of walk around to see what was going on, not staying very long and really didn’t see much of it. I was there all day and was amazed at the families that came to see this. There were kids involved watching and learning how to weave baskets, make broadheads, strings for bows, bows and a lot of other primitive things. It was very educational for me just to see all of this going on. I heard a couple of kids telling their dad that they wanted to get a bow and learn how to shoot. Not too many places I know of that you can go and see this part of history being shown. They, the Flintknappers, would like to come back next year in April so if there is an opening on the 1st Sunday in April, we might just be starting up the bow shoots a month earlier next year.

Thanks again for all of the help and participation,
Len Ellsworth

3D Archery Schedule for 2015

Here is the 3D Archery Schedule for 2015:

May 3rd
June 7th
July 19th
August 2nd
September 6th
September 27th

Registration time for all shoots is 8am to 3pm.

We Hope you come out and enjoy our 3D course that winds through our club grounds, 74 acres of beautiful scenery and challenging shots!

For More Information – Contact Len Ellsworth: [email protected]