July 2016 Archery Report

Archery report for July – by Len Ellsworth.

Well gentlemen, we had a perfect day for the shoot. We had 19 shooters show up. One member, Don Minock came to shoot and also has volunteered to help us out for the rest of the year. Don is a probationary member who enjoys shooting his bow and seems as though he will be a great help to the Archery here at the CR&G. The bad news is that Breck is moving back to his roots in Mississippi. This was probably his last shoot he will be attending even though I tried to talk him into staying a couple more days he is planning on leaving on August 5th which is two days before the August shoot. I personally want to thank Breck for all of the help he has given me and the Archery committee. You made it a lot easier to get this thing back up and running. Don has volunteered to help Greg with targets 21-30 for the rest of the year.

To the shoot results;

Mens Freestyle                      

  1. Todd Martin        269
  2. Mike Day             262
  3. Jason Lantis      246          

Mens Open

  1. Brandon Fredrick   247
  2. Kent Marshall         175
  3. Ed Miller                  246

Freestyle Women                    

  1. Ashley Drake        241

Freestyle Cub

  1. Trevor Lantis        188


  1. Frank Thornhill        195
  2. Mike Woods             188

The next shoot will be on Aug. 7th. We will again change the course for those of you who came to this shoot so it won’t be the same course. If there are any CR&G members who would be interested in getting involved with the Archery please get with me and we can work this out. If you haven’t shot the course in awhile come see the course. You won’t find a better set-up anywhere around the area and the guys helping are top notch with all of the time they put in to make this what it is.