Sept 27th 2015 3D Archery Shoot Report / Results

We had 39 participants in the final Archery Shoot for 2015. Everyone liked the course and really seemed to like the new small targets that we purchased including a fox, badger, wolverine, bobcat, and a raccoon. We had a Archery get together on Oct. 11th ad we cleaned out the barn, built some racks to stack targets, and picked up all of the targets from the course. We sorted out the targets from the good, need repair, and cannot be used. The cannot be used will be brought to a membership meeting in the future to be ‘auctioned” off to our members. They are McKenzie targets and most of it consists of heads and non repairable body parts. More on these at a later date. We, the Archery Committee, would like to put this out now so everyone has time to think about it over the winter. We would like to get more participants from our members who are interested in Archery. We have a good core of members who are all willing to help whenever they can but it would be great to get some new ideas to setting up and maintaining the course. As most of you know we have the best course and grounds in the area and we are trying to make it different and challenging each month when we have a shoot. The next shoot will not be until April of 2016 so we have a lot of time to think about it. I know that there are a lot of Archers in the Club who are out there in the woods bow hunting right now so let’s hear from you so you can help us make the 2016 3-D course better than ever. Good luck hunting and be safe.

Results from the Sept. 27th shoot:

Freestyle Men’s  
1)   Jacob Zenz            272
2)  Nathan Sova         251
3)  Jim Wright            250

Freestyle Women’s
1)   Pam Prain          190

Men’s Open 
1)   Kent Marshall     229

Men’s Recurve/longbow
1)   Lance DeVooght      223
2)  Jim Clagg                   208
3)  Ben Hammond         165

  • Len Ellsworth