By Len Ellsworth

We had 37 contestants at the shoot on Sunday, 9/11/16. Everyone whom I talked to loved the course. We changed it again this month from last. We were able to use all of the platforms at this shoot and because just about everyone uses a tree stand now, they got some good practice. We had 4 women freestyle shooters, 4 Jr. contestants, and 4 Cub contestants which was great to see. We let the Cub shooters shoot for free, 10 and under. We also had a novelty shoot his month with a shot at a 3 1/2” circle on a White Goat target at 98 yards. We had 10 participants in that contest. The winner of that contest was Max McFeters, who was 2 ¼” from the center of the circle. The next shoot will be on Sept. 25th and will be the last one of the year. Everyone who bow hunts should come on out and make sure they are ready for the 1st of October. You can bring your rangefinders if you are so inclined. You do not have to shoot from the stakes your “class” is supposed to shoot from unless you are using a crossbow. You don’t even have to keep score if you don’t want to, just come on out and shoot the best course in the area. I would like to thank Ron Mast, Nathan Sova, Bruce Sullins, and of course Mike Boyer for making this shoot run as smooth as it did. Mike will not be able to attend the next shoot so Gary Moore has volunteered to take over his duties in the kitchen.

Results of the shoot;

Men’s Freestyle
1)     Ken Mallory 287
2)     Jeff Adams 275
3)     Jordan Lusk 267
Jr. Freestyle
1)     Johnathan Huzbar 235
2)     Adrianna Clayton 217
3)     Bronson Clayton Jr 190
Men’s Open
1)     Vince Ford 257
2)     Kent Marshall 144
Women’s Freestyle
1) Lana Clayton 241
2) Michelle Burt 165
3) Denise Glassburen 148
Cub Freestyle
1) Violet Sargus 110
2) Brody Burt 63