Archery Update

We picked up 5 new targets for the 3D course. Most impressive is the Grizzly bear. Targets were purchased through the generous donation made by Whitetails Unlimited – Chelsea Chapter. Thank you Whitetails and please remember to support that organization for their work. 

We have our first shoot Feb 1 which will be indoors in the YTF. All shooters start at 10am. Lunch is included.  Dave Drenth attended the Traditional Archery Expo in Kalamazoo in January. He reports a great turn out and interest in the club on many levels. He is also working on a few other promotional items for the future. Thanks, Dave for all your efforts! 

Archery – September 2019

We wrapped up the archery shoots for the year on Sept 22.

High scores turned in September 8:
Freestyle -Men: Len Ellsworth 273, Jamie Powers 269, Rob Henricks 228.
  High scores turned in September 22:
Freestyle-Men: Brian Darrow 285, Jason Szostak 238
Traditional: Devin Drennan 198
Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the course and support the club. We look forward to having you back next year. Keep checking Facebook and the club website for next years schedule. Anticipating having a February shoot indoors.
Thanks to club members Mark Hanson, John Hoeft, Jim Hunter, Jim Reisner, Nathan Sova, David Drenth, Len Ellsworth and Kurt Heumann for their efforts in making the year a success. 

2019 Michigan Out-of-Doors Youth Camp Charity Shoot at Multi-Lakes Conservation Association

On August 9, Michigan United Conservation Clubs is hosted its 2019 Michigan Out-of-Doors Youth Camp Charity Shoot at Multi-Lakes Conservation Association.

The funds raised from this event will go towards the Michigan Out-of-Doors Youth Camp in Chelsea, MI. Since 1946, the MOOD Youth Camp has instilled values of conservation and natural resources stewardship in more than 58,000 youth. The funds raised will help to introduce more children to the outdoors, buy needed camp supplies and plant MUCC’s message of uniting citizens to conserve, protect and enhance Michigan’s natural resources and outdoor heritage in the next generation of conservationists.

June 2019 Archery Shoot Results

We had a great day for the June shoot. Rain held off for a whole day and we had a new shipment of mosquitoes that arrived just in time! 5 new shooters came out with some interest in membership.
High scores turned in were:
Men: Michael Robinson-257, Jason Lantis-243, Josh Conley-235
Youth (12-14): Lauren Meyer-246, Trevor-Lantis-183
Ethan Bazick- 226, Landon Conley-173

Thank you to all the shooters for your support. We hope you enjoyed the course. Always nice to see the youngsters and families.

Next shoot is July 14 from 8a-2p. Later in the month, we will have an IAA shoot (July 26-28) for the third consecutive year. This will be a Regional Championship. There will be more on this this in the near future.

May Archery Shoot

Weather was outstanding for the May shoot.
High scores turned in for the day :
Men: Carl Connin 281
Yth 12-14: Lauren Meyer 259
Men: Brandon Frederick 286, Hunter Trumble 260, Michael Scholl 203
Women: Ashley Frederick 261
Chris Bazick 217, Cameron Baxter 176
Ethan Bazick 208, Sam Baxter 195, Brody Frederick 179

Thank you to all the shooters who came out. Your support is greatly appreciated. We look forward to having you back on June 2 for the next shoot. Registration from 8a-2p.