Action Pistol Shoots

History and General Information

The Chelsea Rod & Gun club pistol shoot was started in 2004 and soon became a standing committee. Generally speaking, the pistol shoot is held on the second Sunday of each month April through October, but please be sure to check the CRG Calendar.  All pistol shoots start at 11:00 a.m. with a safety briefing. We wrap up around to 2:00 p.m. or until there is no more interest. All pistol shoots are held at our 50 yd. range.

For more information contact Doug Wright:
Ph: (734)-433-9107
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Background and what to Expect
Are you prepared if you ever get in a situation where you need to use that CCW permit?  While no one will be shooting at you, our Chelsea Rod and Gun Club action pistol shoot gives you a chance to practice shooting using some real world situations.  We will be shooting at International Defensive Pistol Association approved targets that vary in distance from 3 to 15 yards.  Situations may involve only one target or it could be multiple targets in various sequences and number of shots.  There may be hostages in harms way.  We may be moving to cover or starting behind it.  You may have to open a door and make a quick decision.  All shooting will be for scored for speed and accuracy and it works like golf, the lower the score the better, but most of all we have lots of FUN.  It is also a great way to reinforce everything you learned in your CCW class.  All experience levels are welcome. Remember, everyone is a rookie at some point.  The only thing we ask is that you know how your gun works and you are comfortable using it, because safety really is No. 1 at our shoots.

What to Bring
A pistol or revolver, preferably with at least six rounds capacity, but if not, we make adjustments.  We currently have no restrictions on caliber, brand or model, but since this is defensive pistol shooting, we try to keep it to what people actually might use for CCW.

Ammunition (bring as much as you want to shoot, but plan on 50-100 rounds).  Generally speaking, we go through three stages per round and each stage takes at least six cartridges with a maximum of twelve.  We try to make it through three rounds, so do the math when planning how much to bring.  Currently we have no restrictions on type of ammunition, so reloads are okay.  Most people use ball ammo because it is cheaper, but if you want to practice with your personal defense round, feel free to use it.

A holster, if you have one, strong side hip holsters only.  NO shoulder, small of the back, or cross draw holsters for safety reasons.  Two magazines or speed loaders for your pistol/revolver.  Eye protection is mandatory and hearing protection is strongly advised.

Friends, spouses and neighbors. All are welcome.  Why should you have all the fun?



What Does it Cost?
The cost of the shoot is $5.00.  This will allow you to shoot from 11 am -2 pm and shoot as many rounds as you want.


 We will review the following before the start of each event.

  1. Do not handle a firearm except while on the firing line or unloaded in designated “safe areas”.
  2. There are only three instances in which the gun may be removed from the holster:
    – While engaging targets in a course of fire under the supervision of a safety officer.
    – With verbal instruction from a safety officer.
    – When in a designated “safe area”.
  3. Don’t point muzzle beyond designated “Muzzle Safe Points”.
  4. Pistols will be loaded only when directed by a safety officer.
  5. Shock resistant eye protection and ear protection are required to be used by ANYONE
    at the range facility.
  6. After completing any course of fire, the shooter must unload, show clear and re-holster before turning up-range or leaving the firing line.
  7. Fingers must be outside the trigger guard during loading, unloading, drawing, re-holstering, while moving (unless engaging targets) or during remedial action.
  8. The normal condition of pistols not actually engaged is holstered and unloaded, with hammer down and magazine removed. Loaded firearms may only be handled in the safe area when supervised by the safety officer. Magazines and speedloaders may be reloaded while off
    the firing line, but the contestant’s firearm may be loaded or unloaded only under the
    direction of the safety officer.
  9. All Course of fire will be started with the pistol holstered and safe, hands clear of equipment as
    directed by the safety officer unless other positions for the pistol are stipulated (table top, drawer, pack, purse, or in the firing hand).

A short video from one of our regular shooters,  Jamil