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Stu Kenewell receives 2018 Special Conservation Award from the MUCC

Stu Kenewell (left) Receiving the MUCC Special Conservation Award for 2018. Presented by Former MUCC President and CRG member Russ Reister (Right)

It was an Honor to attend this year’s MUCC Conservation Awards Banquet on June 23rd 2018, where my father Stuart Kenewell was recognized with a special Conservation award. It was a delightful surprise, but a well-deserved one! Stu Kenewell has served for 34 years as a DNR certified hunter safety instructor. Has also been certified by the NRA as a Range Safety Officer and a Home firearms safety instructor. He has also served in the distinguished line of presidents for the Chelsea Rod and Gun club and was key in the creation of the 3D Archery, and public Trap shooting events enjoyed now for many years by outdoor sporting enthusiasts in the local communities. He has also volunteered as an instructor at MUCC programs such as Outdoorama. And helped out with other affiliated organizations such as Ducks Unlimited.

Yes – I am proud indeed to be his Son and follow his example, but I’ll never be able to fill his shoes I think. He did all this while also working full-time and raising our family. How has he managed to do all of it? Passion and dedication in the education of our youth in hunting and firearm safety! I am grateful that he instilled the same passion and dedication in me. I have been a certified instructor now for 15 years and part of his team.

(Note: during the ceremony I took some photos and videos of the presentation, but unfortunately due to technical issues with my video camera, only Audio was recorded. I will revise this story with a photo if I can obtain one from the MUCC photographer.)

The official transcript of the MUCC Conservation Award presentation:

Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) is pleased to recognize Mr. Stuart “Stu” Kenewell for his outstanding service to the Chelsea Rod and Club and his decades long service to Michigan’s hunter safety program.

Through his service to our country as a Marine, Stu views the safe handling of firearms as not only the essential base for developing and mentoring future ethical hunters, but as assurance of our 2nd amendment rights. In his career as a safety instructor, he has instilled this belief in over 3,000 young people whom he has certified [while serving] as an instructor. While it is popular now to talk about hunter Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation [“R3”], Stu and all of our hunter safety instructors have been practicing R3 for decades. Stu has been responsible for the expansion of Chelsea Rod and Gun’s connection with local schools as well as by partnering with the Chelsea Area and the Stockbridge School districts to make hunter safety available to their students and the surrounding communities. He has secured the donation of firearms for use in the hunter’s safety program through a donation from Whitetails Unlimited and is the builder of much of Chelsea’s walk-thru archery course and other range facilities.

Russ Reister, a former MUCC President and longtime member of the Chelsea Rod and Gun club, who presented the award adds:

“Allow me to digress from this formal presentation to make a few personal observations about our club and Stu.

I joined the [Chelsea Rod and Gun] club in 1991 when I retired and moved to Chelsea. They did not allow the left-wing liberals from Ann Arbor to join at that time. At the beginning of each meeting we rise for the Pledge of Allegiance. At the conclusion we will hear a rousing “Hoo-rah!” from our resident Marine. No one takes a knee during our pledge.

In addition to his serious work, Stu is also the presenter of our “OFFO” awards. That is, our “Old Farts Factual [Factional] Observation” [note: “Factional” means one-part Factual and one-part Fictional] award presented at the conclusion of each meeting. I have been the butt of many of these. Stu could put some of our late night comedians to shame.

Stu’s son Phil also reflects his father’s dedication to conservation. He is our club’s webmaster and is a principle instructor in our hunter safety classes.”

In addition to mentoring thousands of youths in their hunter education, Stu has also sheparded in new generations of hunter safety instructors who have learned his same serious, but fun, approach to teaching ethics and the responsibility of being a safe hunter. Somehow in his spare time, Stu has also served as Past President of the Chelsea Rod and Gun club. Our outdoor family is made up of men and women dedicated to the perpetuation of these traditions through a commitment to youth education, and few people embody that more than Stu Kenewell. MUCC is pleased to recognize Stu with a Special Conservation Award for his service to conservation, youth education and the Chelsea Rod and Gun club.

Stu responded with a short speech starting with an example of one of his OFFO reports:

He’s flattered this old Marine far too much, but I have to correct him [Russ], it’s “Old Farts Factional Observations”; that’s “Part Fact, Part Fiction” and one of the most recent is how I learned to get along better with my wife after my retirement recently.  It seems that we were – arguing a little bit and uh, I was in the doghouse a lot. So I got some really good advice from and old friend. He said “you’ll have to do what my Dad taught me. When she starts to get mad at you, take a big gulp of water and swish it around in your mouth for quite awhile, and if she’ still made, take another big gulp of water and swish it around in your mouth for quite some time.” I saw him a couple weeks later and he said “Hey, so how did that work out for you?” and I said “Wow – That really works! I don’t understand what the water is doing, but it really works good!” He says “Ya big dope! It keeps your mouth Shut!” …So That’s an Old Farts Factional Observation.

I – I am humbled by this award. I was recruited into the Chelsea Rod and Gun club many years ago. I was [recruited] by one of the more prominent members and that was George Carter, a very prominent individual from the U of M and it grew from that point; he talked me into doing lots of stuff, and one of them was the hunter safety program.  Fortunately I have had a wonderful cadre of instructors that have been available to me – 12 of them [in] total – that have been available to teach these classes; we teach 4 to 5 a year and it goes very smoothly because we’re never shorthanded. We always have enough people there, and all the help I receive from them make it possible to do what I do. I have come up with some innovative ideas over the years and it’s worked out well for us – and I have to say that the Chelsea Rod and Gun Club hunter education program is one of the finest in the state. I am proud of that and I’m proud of the instructors, and I have to give a lot of credit to my bride of 50 years, as she has put up with this for a long time. It’s an entire weekend at a time; it’s all day Saturday and all day Sunday, and she even takes the time out of her busy schedule to go over to the Rod and Gun club when I am setting up for a class, and helps me setup hairs and tables; getting everything just right. And – She alone knows the order of the paperwork that is at each seat – the way is has to be – so I am grateful to her. I am grateful to the MUCC for this recognition and I have to say – Thank you very much.

  • Story by Phil Kenewell

IBO World Champion Rod Jenkins Shooting Clinic

Reserve Your Spot!
July 7-8, 2018Are you Looking to improve your ACCURACY?
GREAT! Chelsea Rod and Gun Club hopes to see you here on July 7 & 8. Rod Jenkins will be working with you one-on-one and as a group to break down the “7 steps of Excellence,” Blind bale drills, the Bridge program, and much more. Come as you are, any shooting style, any level of archer. Rod has been traveling the World to help archers better understand the shot, and to better understand themselves. This is one opportunity you do not want to miss!

Rod Jenkins is an archer that has always examined and explored the technical aspects of shooting technique.  Through decades of experience and research he has acquired a wealth of knowledge to share on form as well as the mental side of the shot.  Rod is not only a good shooter; he has the unique ability to transfer his knowledge to others and inspire them to work toward their goals.  This is the mark of a great coach, Rod doesn’t try to force his students into a single one size fits all mold and nothing gives him greater pleasure than to see his students improve and excel.

Please note, we must fill 10 spots to hold the clinic. After reserving your spot, it is recommended you do not book any non-refundable transportation or lodging until you receive confirmation from Chelsea Rod Gun Club that the clinic is being held as scheduled. Confirmation will be sent by July 1, 2018.

Times for the clinics will be 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, and 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Sunday (although Rod will be available for questions after 2:00.)

See our map below as a general reference. If you would like to see an exact distance from your place to ours, click here for a link to Google Maps. Lodging is also an extra cost and below the map are suggestions of hotels in the area. Many of them offer free breakfast, room amenities such as microwave and refrigerator, and are near restaurants and shopping.

TO RESERVE YOUR SHOOTING CLINIC SPOT Call, Total cost of the clinic is $250
Call David Drenth at 269-760-0659 7am-9pm EST.
Have a Question for Rod?
Please contact David Drenth (Chelsea Rod & Gun Club) with questions on the clinic, but if you have a question only Rod can answer:

Rod Jenkins
305 Courtney Dr. SW #109
Decatur, AL 35603
[email protected]
Phone 256-353-7336
Cell 256-318-5278

David Drenth|
Cell: 269-760-0659
[email protected]



The Chelsea Rod and Gun Club is pleased to offer an education opportunity to learn about CWD in Michigan. Caitlin Ott-Conn from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will be presenting. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a contagious neurological disease affecting deer, elk and moose. It causes a characteristic spongy degeneration of the brains of infected animals resulting in emaciation, abnormal behavior, loss of bodily functions and death. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 12th at the clubhouse located on Lingane Rd in Chelsea. The presentation will be at 8:00. There is no charge and guests are welcome.

3D Archery Report for Sept 24 2017

21 shooters came out to enjoy the course and get ready for the upcoming archery season.
The Winners are:

Men’s Freestyle:
1st-Sean Steinbach & Chris Donajkowski – 229
2nd- Brandon Cameron – 147
3rd- Daniel Wisniewski – 144

Women’s Freestyle:
1st Lexi Janisse – 130

Youth 15-17:
1st-Cherrish Clore – 213

Youth  12-14:
1st- David Clore – 196

1st- Ryan Donajkowski – 275
2nd-Mason Meads – 252

Thank you to all of the shooters that came out to enjoy the course and support the club this year. We’ve enjoyed having you. Also, thank you to all the club members who gave support to the archery program. To all the archery committee members, the countless hours spent on the course and helping with the shoots have been well recognized. Thank you. See you all in the Spring.

3D Archery Report for September 10th 2017

We had 23 shooters at our shoot September 10. 4 new shooters came out to enjoy course and the beautiful weather, so that was great to see.

Winners are:
Men’s Freestyle: 1st-Brian Darrow 276
Youth 15-17: 1st-Cherrish Clore 194
Cub: 1st- Ryan Donajkowski 251, 2nd-Mason Meads 184
Thank you to everyone who came out to support the club. Remember to turn your cards in as we do give out awards. Our next and final shoot for the year is September 24. Come out and enjoy the course and get ready for the archery season. Registration starts at 8am and ends at 2p. Kitche will be open for breakfast & lunch.

3D Archery Report for August 6th, 2017

We had 35 shooters for the shoot August 6. Shooters are enjoying the course and getting ready for the upcoming archery season. We had 2 first time  youth shooters which was a pleasure to see.

The Winners are:

Men’s Freestyle:

1st-Duane Turner 286,
2nd-Corey Burns 276,
3rd-Don Minock 240

Women’s Freestyle:

1st-Dawn Turner 230,
2nd-Nikki Bobo 188,
3rd-Margaret Minock 141

Youth 15-17:

1st-Cherrish Clore 209,
2nd-Adriana Clayton 138

Youth 12-14:

1st-David Clore 186,
2nd-Bronson Clayton, Jr. 149,
3rd-Clayton Minock 121

Men’s Open:

1st-Steve Carroll 276


1st-Marina Carroll 223,
2nd-Ashley Bobo 198,
3rd-Kayley Bobo 184
Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the day and support the club.
The IAA shoot July 22 & 23 was successful. 123 shooters came out to show their skills. We had shooters from Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, and all over the state of Michigan. All the shooters enjoyed the course with many reporting that this was the best course they shot this year and that they were extremely challenged. IAA representatives were extremely pleased with the turnout as well as the course and layout. My understanding is that this was the largest number of shooters for a Qualifier shoot this year and they are interested in returning again next year for a possible Championship  shoot. Thanks to Don Minock, David Drenth, Mark Hanson, Evan Kowalski, Bronson Clayton, Nathan Sova, Jerry Kozak, and John Hoeft for all of their time and efforts getting ready and working the shoot. A special thank you to Terri Drenth, Susan Heumann, Victoria Heumann, and Julie Sullens for their help with registratidon. Thanks to Luke Heumann who helped to keep his dad, Kurt, in line in the kitchen.  Also, thanks to Chris Putnam, Critter, and Bob Turelli who came out to clean up the clays from trap range. Lastly, a big Thanks to all the shooters who came out to make the shoot a big success.
There are 2 shoots coming in September; Sept 10 & 24. Come out and get ready for the the archery season.

3D Archery Shoot Report for July 2nd 2017

We had a great shoot July 2. In total, we had 54 shooters. There were return shooters from Battle Creek and Lansing. Many complements on the course and it’s challenges. Congratulations to the winners:
Men’s Freestyle:
1st-Jeff Kinell 285,
2nd-Clayton Denney 274,
3rd-Cory Burns 269
Women’s Freestyle:
1st-Dawn Truner 251,
2nd-Lynne Jacques 146,
3rd-Jane Folske 131
Jr. Freestyle 12-14:
1st-David Clore 203
Jr. Freestyle 15-17:
1st-Dylan Kinell 240,
2nd-Cherish Clore 225,
3rd-Kevin Weiss 196
Men’s Open:
1st-Steve Kimbal 245,
2nd-Jason Lantis 207
Men’s Traditional:
1st-David Drenth 240,
2nd-Gary Jacques 235,
3rd-Dave Arnold 205
1st-Trevor Lantis 200,
2nd-Logan Weiss 186,
3rd-Landon Conley 134
The archery committee has been working hard cleaning up the course and it is coming along nicely. All the piles of brush have been chipped.  New targets are arriving for the IAA shoot on July 22 & 23. We are all looking forward to hosting this event. Breakfast and lunch will be available so it’s ok to come hungry! New targets are arriving and will be here for the IAA shoot. Our next shoot after the IAA is August 6. Lastly, a big ‘Thank you’ to Whitetails Unlimited, Chelsea Chapter for the donation of a bison and elk target. This is a great addition to the new targets and is greatly appreciated.

3D Archery Report for June 4th 2017

For the June archery shoot we had 33 shooters; not bad considering threat of weather and graduation weekend for many local schools. We did have a couple guys from Battle Creek for their first time and enjoyed the course and husband/wife from Lansing.

Winners are:

Men’s Freestyle:
1st-Clayton Denney 274,
2nd-Brad Gentry 258/Duane Turner 258,
3rd-Bronson Clayton 239

Women’s Freestyle:
1st-Dawn Turner 258Jr. Freestyle:
1st-David Clore 204,
2nd-Bronson Clayton, Jr. 182,
3rd-Cherrish Clore167

Men’s Open:
1st-Max McFeters 263,
2nd-Doug Holmes 247,
3rd-Alan Horsford 200

Men’s Recurve:
1st-David Drenth 201

1st-Trevor Lantis 202,
2nd-Landon Conley 109

We had a clean up brush and debris on the entire course June 10 & 11 which made a huge impact on the appearance. We still have chipping to do, but overall a lot was accomplished. Thanks to all who assisted. I know we had 2 or 3 complete their probationary hours. If I missed your name, please let me know: Bronson Clayton, Donnie Minock, Mark Hanson, Jerry Kozak (nice work on the T-shirts, Jerry), Evan Kowalski, David Drenth, Aaron Burke, David Breakage, John Hoeft, Tim Tallmadge & tractor, Steve Cebulski, Steve Kiss, Brad Mahalk, Kurt Heumann & myself. Thanks, again!

We also have NEW targets that were just approved by the board and membership! Targets will be available for the IAA shoot July 22 & 23 and hopefully for the July 2 shoot as well. Please come out and enjoy the course. It is changed monthly and we do try and make it a challenge We do serve breakfast and lunch if you do come to shoot…or just come to eat! Exciting times!

Archery Report – May 7, 2017

We had a great day for our 3-D shoot on May 7. We had 52 shooters total; 14 of which were youth. One couple came with a stroller to enjoy the course with their child! That’s love!

Scores are as follows:
Men’s Open:
1) Dale Becker – 229

Men’s Freestyle:
1) Corey Burns – 288
2) Bronson Clayton – 275
3) Chris Bazick 267

Women’s Freestyle:
1) Taylor Weston – 224
2) Lana Clayton – 192
3) Jane Folske – 157

Men’s Recurve:
1) Bruce Folske – 157
2) David Drenth 141

Jr. Freestyle:
1) Luke Ladd – 263
2) Adriana Clayton – 199
3) Bronson Clatyon, Jr – 190

Cub Freestyle:
1) William Hayward – 216
2) Mikayla Becker – 146
3) Trevor Lantis 145

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the program!

Our next shoot is June 4. Sign up is 8a-2p. Rangefinder are permissible, however, will not be eligible to win an award. We do change the course for every shoot to make it a challenge…including setting it up! There is also breakfast and lunch available so it’s ok to come hungry.

There is an IAA shoot scheduled for July 22 & 23. We will need some assistance with this shoot as we anticipate upwards of 250 shooters given reported numbers from other shoots that have already taken place this year. We will be scheduling a work day hopefully in June to clean up some blow downs after the brutal winds and trim the access lanes in the event we need to get emergency vehicles back into the course.