Chelsea Rod & Gun Club


July 10th 2021

9:00 am to 12:00 pm. (Set-up 8:00am)

Cost: $4 / 25 shot round. (Special events/games accordingly)
Eye and ear protection mandatory (not provided)

What: multiple stations with varied targets (singles, report pairs, doubles) Fun event shoots. (Standard trap field open also)

We are planning on setting up our “redneck 5 stand” and possibility of some friendly games as well? Regular field will be available for “normal” trap targets as well.
We are planning on keeping things orderly with the interest of keeping everyone’s safety and appropriate distancing in mind

Archery 3D, Pop Up Shoots and Trap Reopening!

Fellow Chelsea Rod and Gun Members,

The Reopening Committee has recommended to the CR&GC Board that we reopen Archery 3-D, Pistol Shoots and Trap. The Board reviewed and agreed with the recommendation. 

Reopening Committee recommendation:

“CRGC has been proactively reviewing its schedule of events in anticipation of the of relaxation of Gov. Whitmer’s Executive Orders. This has been through a committee reviewing what activities we believe can and cannot be safely resumed by its members and guests. These and future recommendations have and will be presented to the board for approval.

At this time, CRGC will be reopening trap shoots, popup target shoots and archery shoots effective immediately. All other events and meetings continue to be on hold. 

Participation is voluntary. By participating, people do so at their own risk as following the guidelines is not a guarantee that they will not contract the Coronavirus.  While we will have hand sanitizer available, it will be your responsibility to provide your own face mask or other items you feel comfortable having. If you feel this is a risk to you or your family, are not feeling well or have any concerns, we ask that you refrain from participation and remain safe at home. We do invite you to visit us in the future.

Our first event of the month will be the 3D archery shoot on Sunday, June 7. Tuesday trap shoots will resume on June 9 with Saturday trap shoot to resume on June 13. Popup target shoot will be starting again on June 27. 

Please continue to check Facebook and our website for updates.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and continued support.”

Detailed guidelines are being developed and will be posted at the events.

I want to thank the Reopening Committee and the CR&GC Board for your time and effort meeting and preparing this recommendation.

I hope to see you at our upcoming events.

Best Regards,

Bronson Clayton

May Archery Shoot

Weather was outstanding for the May shoot.
High scores turned in for the day :
Men: Carl Connin 281
Yth 12-14: Lauren Meyer 259
Men: Brandon Frederick 286, Hunter Trumble 260, Michael Scholl 203
Women: Ashley Frederick 261
Chris Bazick 217, Cameron Baxter 176
Ethan Bazick 208, Sam Baxter 195, Brody Frederick 179

Thank you to all the shooters who came out. Your support is greatly appreciated. We look forward to having you back on June 2 for the next shoot. Registration from 8a-2p.

Tight Lines for Troops event

Please consider this worthy cause, excerpt from from the event website:

Manistee Michigan – May 17-18 2019

Tight Lines for Troops (a federally recognized nonprofit organization) proudly announced its 10th Annual Charity Fishing Tournament for Michigan Veterans. In 2018 the fleet included over 50 Captains and their boats, and delivered another memorable experience for 300 Michigan Veterans. Those who received “boarding priority” were WWII and Korean War Vets, Purple Heart recipients, veterans disabled, POWs, and then any Veteran of any branch of service. In addition to the Big Lake boat fishing, the Pier/Shore Divisions included opportunities for Veterans to fish from land.

Though the fishing tournament and meal is limited to registered participants, the public is invited to join the “Welcome Back Celebration” as the boats return to the City Marina, traveling up the river channel. The riverwalk along the river channel is lined with patriotic and appreciative fans, waving their flags to cheer and welcome the fishermen back “home”. In expressing his gratitude for the event a previous participant said, “When I came home from duty, we were told not to wear our uniforms. The people were tired of Southeast Asia. Thank you for honoring these great men and women for their service. I was honored to be part of the day.” Another participant shared these feelings: “This is the Welcome Home I never received. After all these years, I cried because I didn’t realize how much it meant to me. I was proud to take part.” Don’t miss this amazing sight – be a part of it!

The success of this program is a result of the collective efforts of over 500 sponsors and volunteers. Veterans pay no charter fees or entry fees. It is with great pleasure and honor that we all look forward to hosting the “10th Annual Tight Lines for Troops Fishing Tournament for Michigan Veterans” on May 17th and 18th, 2019.

The success of this program is a result of the collective efforts of over 500 sponsors and volunteers. Veterans pay no charter fees or entry fees. It is with great pleasure and honor that we all look forward to hosting the “10th Annual Tight Lines for Troops Fishing Tournament for Michigan Veterans” on May 17th and 18th, 2019.

3D Archery Report for August 6th, 2017

We had 35 shooters for the shoot August 6. Shooters are enjoying the course and getting ready for the upcoming archery season. We had 2 first time  youth shooters which was a pleasure to see.

The Winners are:

Men’s Freestyle:

1st-Duane Turner 286,
2nd-Corey Burns 276,
3rd-Don Minock 240

Women’s Freestyle:

1st-Dawn Turner 230,
2nd-Nikki Bobo 188,
3rd-Margaret Minock 141

Youth 15-17:

1st-Cherrish Clore 209,
2nd-Adriana Clayton 138

Youth 12-14:

1st-David Clore 186,
2nd-Bronson Clayton, Jr. 149,
3rd-Clayton Minock 121

Men’s Open:

1st-Steve Carroll 276


1st-Marina Carroll 223,
2nd-Ashley Bobo 198,
3rd-Kayley Bobo 184
Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the day and support the club.
The IAA shoot July 22 & 23 was successful. 123 shooters came out to show their skills. We had shooters from Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, and all over the state of Michigan. All the shooters enjoyed the course with many reporting that this was the best course they shot this year and that they were extremely challenged. IAA representatives were extremely pleased with the turnout as well as the course and layout. My understanding is that this was the largest number of shooters for a Qualifier shoot this year and they are interested in returning again next year for a possible Championship  shoot. Thanks to Don Minock, David Drenth, Mark Hanson, Evan Kowalski, Bronson Clayton, Nathan Sova, Jerry Kozak, and John Hoeft for all of their time and efforts getting ready and working the shoot. A special thank you to Terri Drenth, Susan Heumann, Victoria Heumann, and Julie Sullens for their help with registratidon. Thanks to Luke Heumann who helped to keep his dad, Kurt, in line in the kitchen.  Also, thanks to Chris Putnam, Critter, and Bob Turelli who came out to clean up the clays from trap range. Lastly, a big Thanks to all the shooters who came out to make the shoot a big success.
There are 2 shoots coming in September; Sept 10 & 24. Come out and get ready for the the archery season.

Archery Report – April 2nd, 2017

We had a good turnout, 44 shooters for a great spring day shoot. We are going to be adding new targets and adjusting the course for the next shoot which is May 7th. We also will be adding another shoot this year. We will be hosting a IAA Sponsored shoot at Chelsea in July [22-23]. This is a family oriented 3-D shoot with 30 targets set up for every range of a 3-D shooters abilities. We will follow up with more information later. So come on out and help Chelsea Rod & Gun 3-D become back to being the best 3-D course in the area[!]
Results of the April Shoot:
Mens Open  (4)
1) Tom Dembinski         248
2) Todd Sherrard           247
3) Jason Hackbarth       207
Mens Freestyle  (15)
1) Scott Purks                273
2) Bronson Clayton Sr   270
3) Donnie Minock          260
Womens Open  (5)
1) Makiah Heuber       261
2) Taylor Weston        203
3) Margaret Minock    178
Jr Freestyle   (7)
1) Noah Purks          272
2) John Huizar          265
3) David Clore          225
Cub Freestyle  (3)
1) Gabe  ????         143
Mens Recurve    (9)
1) Mike Woods         214
2) Dick Fuch             205
3) Rick Wittstock      190 
Crossbow   (1)
Tim Eisman              0
–  By Len Ellsworth

Sept 27th 2015 3D Archery Shoot Report / Results

We had 39 participants in the final Archery Shoot for 2015. Everyone liked the course and really seemed to like the new small targets that we purchased including a fox, badger, wolverine, bobcat, and a raccoon. We had a Archery get together on Oct. 11th ad we cleaned out the barn, built some racks to stack targets, and picked up all of the targets from the course. We sorted out the targets from the good, need repair, and cannot be used. The cannot be used will be brought to a membership meeting in the future to be ‘auctioned” off to our members. They are McKenzie targets and most of it consists of heads and non repairable body parts. More on these at a later date. We, the Archery Committee, would like to put this out now so everyone has time to think about it over the winter. We would like to get more participants from our members who are interested in Archery. We have a good core of members who are all willing to help whenever they can but it would be great to get some new ideas to setting up and maintaining the course. As most of you know we have the best course and grounds in the area and we are trying to make it different and challenging each month when we have a shoot. The next shoot will not be until April of 2016 so we have a lot of time to think about it. I know that there are a lot of Archers in the Club who are out there in the woods bow hunting right now so let’s hear from you so you can help us make the 2016 3-D course better than ever. Good luck hunting and be safe.

Results from the Sept. 27th shoot:

Freestyle Men’s  
1)   Jacob Zenz            272
2)  Nathan Sova         251
3)  Jim Wright            250

Freestyle Women’s
1)   Pam Prain          190

Men’s Open 
1)   Kent Marshall     229

Men’s Recurve/longbow
1)   Lance DeVooght      223
2)  Jim Clagg                   208
3)  Ben Hammond         165

  • Len Ellsworth

September 6th 2015 3D Archery Shoot Report / Results

We had a pretty good turnout considering that the shoot was over the [Labor] Day weekend. There were 21 shooters that came out to test their skills on our course. Everyone liked shooting the new targets we purchased from Scuhbachs in Jackson in time for this shoot. The next shoot will be on Sept.27th, just in time to get your practice in before opening day of the bow season.
The class winners were:

Men’s  Freestyle:
1) Jamie Powers       241
2) Tom Dembinski    228
3) Nick Aldrich          223

Women’s Freestyle:
1) Megan Dembinski   194

Jr. Freestyle:
1)  Griffin Murphy     206
2)  Parker Murphy    200
3)  April Dembinski  138

Men’s Open:
1) Barry Stapleton   257
2) Craig Ludwik       256
3) Larry Brian          245

– Len Ellsworth

May 2015 Archery Shoot results

The winners for the May 3rd shoot are:

Men’s Open:
1st – Dale Becket – 223

Men’s freestyle:
1st – Brad Mahalak – 268
2nd – Nick Benidict – 246
3rd – Kyle Tillotson – 234

1st – Mikayla Becker – 86

Total shooters: 15

l would like to thank all that helped out with the 1st shoot of the year. Mike Boyer and Ron Mast were there all day. Breck Stringer, Bruce Sullins, Ron, and probie Nathan Sova all put in a lot of time helping set up the course. Dave Tihonen, Mike Woods, Mike Hakale, Breck, Ron, and Nathan all helped Mike Boyer out in the kitchen to make it a success.

Next month the targets will mostly stay the same, we will just adjust the yardage and angle of the shot. We have six volunteers to help set-up the course. They are Bruce Sullins and Tom Nienhaus for targets 1-10, Larry Collins and Mike Hakale for 11-20, and Breck Stringer and Nathan Sova for 21-30. Thank you for volunteering.

We were lucky to have the Flintknappers Weekend at the Club during this shoot. I have been at the shoots before when this was going on but I would just kind of walk around to see what was going on, not staying very long and really didn’t see much of it. I was there all day and was amazed at the families that came to see this. There were kids involved watching and learning how to weave baskets, make broadheads, strings for bows, bows and a lot of other primitive things. It was very educational for me just to see all of this going on. I heard a couple of kids telling their dad that they wanted to get a bow and learn how to shoot. Not too many places I know of that you can go and see this part of history being shown. They, the Flintknappers, would like to come back next year in April so if there is an opening on the 1st Sunday in April, we might just be starting up the bow shoots a month earlier next year.

Thanks again for all of the help and participation,
Len Ellsworth