Membership Benefits:
Members are provided with the opportunity to utilize our extensive facilities, ranges and to enjoy our spacious grounds and activities. Active involvement by the members strengthens their ties to the club and its members and affords the member and family with many enjoyable and fulfilling experiences of camaraderie and friendship with fellow sportsman.

Application Process:
Membership can be granted to friends and guests of members. Contact a current member to be invited to a membership meeting and receive an application form. Application forms must be submitted with payment to the board of directors, and signed by two current member sponsors.

Come to any of our public events and talk to a member, we can help you get an application started.

Membership dues are currently $100 per year. Initial fees for joining the club are a $100 non-refunded application fee, along with the first year’s dues of $100 totaling $200.

Probationary Membership:
The first year of membership in the club is considered “probationary”. Probationary members must provide 40 hours of “get-to-know-you” participation on committees or work projects during their first year of membership. If you are a member in good standing with the National Rifle Association, Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners or Firearms Policy Coalition a discount of 8 hours of the probational participation is given, and you will only have to provide 32 hours in the first year. 

For more information contact our membership committee chairman:

Send a message via the contact from or email