TRAP FUN SHOOT – June 14th 2014

We are planning on setting up our “redneck 5 stand” as well as really shooting like “rednecks” and practice our trap shooting while sitting on varied “objects” of questionable origins. Ah yes, good times…

9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Cost: $4 / 25 shot round. (Special events/games accordingly)

Eye and ear protection mandatory (not provided)

What: multiple stations with varied targets (singles, report pairs, doubles) Fun event shoots. (Standard trap field open also)



Results of June 1st 3D Archery Shoot

Well we had the first archery shoot for 2014 and even though I wouldn’t say it was a rousing success we did have 17 shooters show up. The one thing that baffles me is that we only had 2 shooters from the Club participate. Dan Hovater and myself. I would like to think Dan, Ron Mast, and Mike Boyer for helping all day at the shoot and with set-up. They were the only members who were in attendance. I do not know how to get members more involved but I hope that as the shoots go on they will at least come out and try the course because it is different from years past and will be changing each month. CVS pharmacy in Chelsea donated 10 cases of water to the Club and we had it on the course for participants to drink. I think as the summer heats up that will help with hydration. Mosquitos were tough but I only saw one deerfly.

– Len Ellsworth

The top three finishers for the classes were:

1) Chris Bazick 268
2) Rob Hendricks 268
3) Len Ellsworth 258

1) Scott Casper 137
2) Dan Hovater 126

1) Alex Booner 142

Results of St. Patrick’s Day Scholarship Dinner

Our most sincere thanks for all who attended the St. Patrick’s Day party back on March 15th, as well as to the members who organized and volunteered their time. We exceeded our monetary goal and again we are able to give out scholarships to Chelsea High School students! We also had an awesome corned beef and cabbage dinner, drinks, and friendship.

When the numbers came back to the Board in April, we discovered that we made enough money to present FOUR $750 dollar scholarships! Thanks again to everyone in the Club and the community who supported our scholarship program for 2014.

The Chelsea Education Foundation will now be accepting applications for the Scholarships and will be choosing the recipients soon! The scholarships are presented on commencement night at Chelsea High school in June.

Chelsea Rod and Gun Club “TRAP FUN SHOOT” – May 10th

9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Cost: $4 / 25 shot round. (Special events/games accordingly)
Eye and ear protection mandatory (not provided) … “Redneck” Five-stand  Theme Shoot Fun event shoots.  (Standard trap field open also)
We are planning on setting up our “Redneck” Five-stand again.  We are also hoping to have some kind of fun event shoot, yet to be determined (i.e. Bluebird, Annie Oakley, Buddy shoot, etc….).

Saturday Trap “Fun” Shoot – April 12th 2014, 9am – Noon

The next Saturday “Fun” shoot coming up will be on April 12th. We will run the “Redneck Five-Stand” and as is the season, we are planning a “Turkey Shoot”.  I think that we would like to have people get a chance to drag out the old turkey gun and dust it off. We will do the “Turkey Shoot” for some prizes. Our shells and your gun on this one (12 ga. please) More details will be available at the shoot. Regular trap field will be available for the feint of heart as well.   We will have some fun shooting with some multiple targets (some incarnation of our fun “Redneck Five-Stand”), so singles, report  pairs and doubles.

Any  questions  let  me  know: [email protected]

April 12th  9am-12pm.  $4/25 shot round.  ($5/shot on special “Turkey Shoot”)

2014 Regular Trap Season Begins April 1st

It  appears  that  “Mount  McTrapfield”  is  slowly  receding,  along with the glacier that has covered our ranges this winter.  That can only mean one thing, its time to shoot!

Tuesday evening trap shooting will be starting up in April, with the first Tuesday night, on April 1st  at 5:00 pm (it always depends on how many willing hands are setting up as most of us are hustling from work).  We are looking forward to having another  good, fun, and safe  year.  (REMEMBER:  Shoot While It’s Still Legal!)

Cost: $4/25 shot round.

Any questions let me know: [email protected]

2014 Spring Gathering of the Michigan Flintknappers

The annual gathering of the Michigan Flintknappers is coming to the CRG on April 6th, 2014 at 9:00 am.

If you are interested in primitive Archery, Flintknapping (the art of making arrowheads and tools from flint), Atlatl throwing (if you don’t know what this is – you’ll just have to come and see), or just want to hang out with an interesting group of people – Please come out to the Club and enjoy!

MUCC Club of the Year Award


On September 28th, The Chelsea Rod and Gun club was presented with the “Club of the Year Award” from the MUCC Youth Camp. Pictured is the presentation of a plaque from Sean McKeon, director of the youth camp (left), to Gary Moore of the CRG (right).