May 2015 Archery Shoot results

The winners for the May 3rd shoot are:

Men’s Open:
1st – Dale Becket – 223

Men’s freestyle:
1st – Brad Mahalak – 268
2nd – Nick Benidict – 246
3rd – Kyle Tillotson – 234

1st – Mikayla Becker – 86

Total shooters: 15

l would like to thank all that helped out with the 1st shoot of the year. Mike Boyer and Ron Mast were there all day. Breck Stringer, Bruce Sullins, Ron, and probie Nathan Sova all put in a lot of time helping set up the course. Dave Tihonen, Mike Woods, Mike Hakale, Breck, Ron, and Nathan all helped Mike Boyer out in the kitchen to make it a success.

Next month the targets will mostly stay the same, we will just adjust the yardage and angle of the shot. We have six volunteers to help set-up the course. They are Bruce Sullins and Tom Nienhaus for targets 1-10, Larry Collins and Mike Hakale for 11-20, and Breck Stringer and Nathan Sova for 21-30. Thank you for volunteering.

We were lucky to have the Flintknappers Weekend at the Club during this shoot. I have been at the shoots before when this was going on but I would just kind of walk around to see what was going on, not staying very long and really didn’t see much of it. I was there all day and was amazed at the families that came to see this. There were kids involved watching and learning how to weave baskets, make broadheads, strings for bows, bows and a lot of other primitive things. It was very educational for me just to see all of this going on. I heard a couple of kids telling their dad that they wanted to get a bow and learn how to shoot. Not too many places I know of that you can go and see this part of history being shown. They, the Flintknappers, would like to come back next year in April so if there is an opening on the 1st Sunday in April, we might just be starting up the bow shoots a month earlier next year.

Thanks again for all of the help and participation,
Len Ellsworth