Chelsea Rod & Gun Club

2019 Michigan Out-of-Doors Youth Camp Charity Shoot at Multi-Lakes Conservation Association

On August 9, Michigan United Conservation Clubs is hosted its 2019 Michigan Out-of-Doors Youth Camp Charity Shoot at Multi-Lakes Conservation Association.

The funds raised from this event will go towards the Michigan Out-of-Doors Youth Camp in Chelsea, MI. Since 1946, the MOOD Youth Camp has instilled values of conservation and natural resources stewardship in more than 58,000 youth. The funds raised will help to introduce more children to the outdoors, buy needed camp supplies and plant MUCC’s message of uniting citizens to conserve, protect and enhance Michigan’s natural resources and outdoor heritage in the next generation of conservationists.

June 2019 Archery Shoot Results

We had a great day for the June shoot. Rain held off for a whole day and we had a new shipment of mosquitoes that arrived just in time! 5 new shooters came out with some interest in membership.
High scores turned in were:
Men: Michael Robinson-257, Jason Lantis-243, Josh Conley-235
Youth (12-14): Lauren Meyer-246, Trevor-Lantis-183
Ethan Bazick- 226, Landon Conley-173

Thank you to all the shooters for your support. We hope you enjoyed the course. Always nice to see the youngsters and families.

Next shoot is July 14 from 8a-2p. Later in the month, we will have an IAA shoot (July 26-28) for the third consecutive year. This will be a Regional Championship. There will be more on this this in the near future.

May Archery Shoot

Weather was outstanding for the May shoot.
High scores turned in for the day :
Men: Carl Connin 281
Yth 12-14: Lauren Meyer 259
Men: Brandon Frederick 286, Hunter Trumble 260, Michael Scholl 203
Women: Ashley Frederick 261
Chris Bazick 217, Cameron Baxter 176
Ethan Bazick 208, Sam Baxter 195, Brody Frederick 179

Thank you to all the shooters who came out. Your support is greatly appreciated. We look forward to having you back on June 2 for the next shoot. Registration from 8a-2p.

Tight Lines for Troops event

Please consider this worthy cause, excerpt from from the event website:

Manistee Michigan – May 17-18 2019

Tight Lines for Troops (a federally recognized nonprofit organization) proudly announced its 10th Annual Charity Fishing Tournament for Michigan Veterans. In 2018 the fleet included over 50 Captains and their boats, and delivered another memorable experience for 300 Michigan Veterans. Those who received “boarding priority” were WWII and Korean War Vets, Purple Heart recipients, veterans disabled, POWs, and then any Veteran of any branch of service. In addition to the Big Lake boat fishing, the Pier/Shore Divisions included opportunities for Veterans to fish from land.

Though the fishing tournament and meal is limited to registered participants, the public is invited to join the “Welcome Back Celebration” as the boats return to the City Marina, traveling up the river channel. The riverwalk along the river channel is lined with patriotic and appreciative fans, waving their flags to cheer and welcome the fishermen back “home”. In expressing his gratitude for the event a previous participant said, “When I came home from duty, we were told not to wear our uniforms. The people were tired of Southeast Asia. Thank you for honoring these great men and women for their service. I was honored to be part of the day.” Another participant shared these feelings: “This is the Welcome Home I never received. After all these years, I cried because I didn’t realize how much it meant to me. I was proud to take part.” Don’t miss this amazing sight – be a part of it!

The success of this program is a result of the collective efforts of over 500 sponsors and volunteers. Veterans pay no charter fees or entry fees. It is with great pleasure and honor that we all look forward to hosting the “10th Annual Tight Lines for Troops Fishing Tournament for Michigan Veterans” on May 17th and 18th, 2019.

The success of this program is a result of the collective efforts of over 500 sponsors and volunteers. Veterans pay no charter fees or entry fees. It is with great pleasure and honor that we all look forward to hosting the “10th Annual Tight Lines for Troops Fishing Tournament for Michigan Veterans” on May 17th and 18th, 2019.

Archery Shoot

We are set up for the 3D shoot February 2 9a-1p. This shoot will be 15 targets and price includes chili, chips & drink.  Chili will be provided by Smokehouse 52! Forecast is for cold temps, but it’s always good to get outside. Come on out and bring your bow, friends and family! 

July 2016 Archery Report

Archery report for July – by Len Ellsworth.

Well gentlemen, we had a perfect day for the shoot. We had 19 shooters show up. One member, Don Minock came to shoot and also has volunteered to help us out for the rest of the year. Don is a probationary member who enjoys shooting his bow and seems as though he will be a great help to the Archery here at the CR&G. The bad news is that Breck is moving back to his roots in Mississippi. This was probably his last shoot he will be attending even though I tried to talk him into staying a couple more days he is planning on leaving on August 5th which is two days before the August shoot. I personally want to thank Breck for all of the help he has given me and the Archery committee. You made it a lot easier to get this thing back up and running. Don has volunteered to help Greg with targets 21-30 for the rest of the year.

To the shoot results;

Mens Freestyle                      

  1. Todd Martin        269
  2. Mike Day             262
  3. Jason Lantis      246          

Mens Open

  1. Brandon Fredrick   247
  2. Kent Marshall         175
  3. Ed Miller                  246

Freestyle Women                    

  1. Ashley Drake        241

Freestyle Cub

  1. Trevor Lantis        188


  1. Frank Thornhill        195
  2. Mike Woods             188

The next shoot will be on Aug. 7th. We will again change the course for those of you who came to this shoot so it won’t be the same course. If there are any CR&G members who would be interested in getting involved with the Archery please get with me and we can work this out. If you haven’t shot the course in awhile come see the course. You won’t find a better set-up anywhere around the area and the guys helping are top notch with all of the time they put in to make this what it is.

June 2016 Archery Shoot

We only had 13 shooters for the shoot in June. The first shoot in April we had 4′ of snow. The shoot in may it rained, and the June shoot the threat of rain was all day. July will be better. At least we had 3 Club members participate. Best all year! Remember to hand out flyers and post wherever you think some shooters might read about us.


OPEN MENS                                                        RECURVE

1) Todd Sherrard            241                                1)  Evan Kowalski  41
2) Kent Marshall             198


MENS FREESTYLE                                            ATLATL

1) Ron Doster                  259                                1) Dan Hovater  38

2) Kim Sherrad                237

3) Rob Hendricks            219


There is a young man who is working on becoming an Eagle Scout. His name is Bobby Denny. he would like to help out on the bow course and as of right now he is drawing up plans for replacing the bridge. He has to submit plans on what he plans on doing and how. He will have to acquire all funding and labor. After he submits them to me I will take them to the Chelsea R&G board to approve. We also have discussed him building some sort of a “running deer” target along with another practice range possibly behind the Youth building so we would be able to start the course from the opposite end at times.


I met him over at the Clubhouse today to measure and take pictures of the bridge and I tried to show him the course. I hate to say this but since the last shoot the course has fell into disrepair. Trees are down and a lot of limbs have to be picked up and or trimmed. I know a couple of you are going to be on vacation the first two weeks of July but the rest of us are going to have to step it up. We will not be using the field for the rest of the year, except possibly the last shoot of September, so the five targets located there will have to be relocated. There is a large tree down between targets #22 and #23 that will have to be removed. Breck and Greg, Target #20 will end up in the same place as it is right now but it won’t be going down the trail, it will be down the hill. I can be there just about anytime if someone wants to get with me to have a work bee. Chainsaw, pole saw, pruners, post hole digger, shovel, and drill will be needed. I will have to check the Club calendar to see what is going on as far as activities that would jeopardize our working the course.

Some members from Jackson County Outdoor Club attended our shoot in June and I for one am planning on attending their upcoming shoot this Sunday, June 26th so if anyone would like to attend, let me know.

Have a great 4th and be safe, Len Ellsworth