Archery Shoot Results – September 28th, 2014

We had our best turn out of the year last Sunday with 34 shooters. Everyone who has shot the course this year really likes it. Chelsea has the best sight for the 3-D course in the area. Not too many places where you have up and down hills along with some wetlands. We try to change the course for every shoot but it is hard to do with just two helpers from the Club participating. We only had two shooters participate from the Club again this shoot. I know if we could have just got some of the members to come out they would see that it has changed and I think they would really enjoy the course. I brought some hamburger, hot dogs, kielbasa, soft drinks, and chips along with my grill from home and Breck Stringer, a member, cooked them up. I think that goes along way towards making the shoots better.
– Len Ellsworth

Results from 9/28

Freestyle Mens

1)      Mark Truhn           282
2)      Breck Stringer      258
3)      Clifford Horvath    257


Recurve Mens

1)      John Barkley        249
2)      Brad Schroeder   163


Recurve Cub

1)      Jeremy Schroeder    170 

– Len Ellsworth